Hope Quotes
 A beautiful blosoming flower that distinguishes itself far from the weeds that s... - Prezigha Fafi - Quotes Donut
 Keep faith, love and hope in your heart.... - Thinker Belle - Quotes Donut
 In a time of destruction, create something.... - Thinker Belle - Quotes Donut
 Live in your hope.... - Thinker Belle - Quotes Donut
Everything will be normal in one day.... - Jenifer Y - Quotes Donut
 Hope makes everything work

Faith make everything possible
Love makes everythi... - Bevanne Music - Quotes Donut
 Writing Quotes Is Perhaps The Best Way To Pour Your Feelings And Heart Out.... - Soulful Indulgence - Quotes Donut
 Have A Little More Confidence In Yourself, A Little More Faith In Your Destiny, ... - Soulful Indulgence - Quotes Donut
 In my quest to strengthen and enrich my heartbeat i sincerely hope that i don't ... - Neo L. Samunzala - Quotes Donut