Wishes Quotes
 Take me back to the pink and purple azealas bloomed along your stone wall. 
Take... - Kristena Schantz - Quotes Donut
 Not your present situation is final...!... - Jenifer Y - Quotes Donut
 From the depths of my soul 
It is the love of parents
 I have most deeply craved... - Joie - Quotes Donut
 Just need some break from the world!... - Jenifer Y - Quotes Donut
 New day comes with the new beginnings. Face the world with a smile and have a gr... - Hlengiwe - Quotes Donut

Happy Birthday, dear friend!????

May you live a long life with jo... - Noorafsha Nafees - Quotes Donut
 Let me say a happy new year to you.
But what is the happiness in which you are n... - Shakuntala Sharma. - Quotes Donut
Health... - CindyCM - Quotes Donut
 Gold is a treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world,... - Christopher Columbus - Quotes Donut