Novel Quotes
 If I unplugged my mind I would find a book in there. Just waiting for me to talk... - Judge me not - Quotes Donut
 The shutters were pushed open and in came the racoons. But the man getting that ... - Judge me not - Quotes Donut
 Long ago they stole my dancing shoes cut my hair. And made me go through bunch o... - Judge me not - Quotes Donut
 I grab the pillow as I scream into it being treated unhappy. There blues was thr... - Judge me not - Quotes Donut
 why are  you in there with the shrewdriver making the bolts so tight that I can'... - They judged me - Quotes Donut
 I the day was wild so o shake a drink in my melt shaker. Then once I shake I dis... - Onmind - Quotes Donut
 The coast was hot an this coat I had on did not help. And I walked to the car. T... - Onmind - Quotes Donut
 Is the coin flipped but once it is you can't
Stop the waves . Of unhappiness wit... - Onmind - Quotes Donut
 Over turn the car brings a crash
So overing Roe Vs Wade 
Will not be a desision ... - Purrpeach - Quotes Donut