Ego Quotes
 Fear saw my determination and congratulated me to success.... - Prezigha Fafi - Quotes Donut
 On this ground I was born on this ground I shall die... - Prezigha Fafi - Quotes Donut
 Mere pyar me sirf pyar hota h,
Par buri baat ye h ki,
meri nafrat me bhi sirf na... - Shreem - Quotes Donut
 What you usually refer to when you say “I” is not who you are. By a monstrous ac... - Eckhart Tolle - Quotes Donut
 There are good ways and bad ways to get my attention. Whacking on my ego with a ... - Charles Stross - Quotes Donut
 It is probably very necessary to present your ego at some point.... - Eberhard Weber - Quotes Donut
 Some churches, sects, cults, or religious movements are basically collective ego... - Eckhart Tolle - Quotes Donut
 Let's face it; God has a big ego problem. Why do we always have to worship h... - Bill Maher - Quotes Donut
 I would prefer not to.... - Herman Melville - Quotes Donut