Night Quotes
 If I smoke drink or just be me by polar comes out of people and  I be just fight... - Jipped by food - Quotes Donut
 The people pulling draws from other floors trying to find excuses to be doing on... - Judge me no - Quotes Donut
 That lady grabs her bags and jumps in the car. An hits the road speeding onto th... - Judge me not - Quotes Donut
 As we mixed the batter for the donuts.
I was like if I could just get it togethe... - Onmind - Quotes Donut
 He never there so others say get another but the playerhaters. Mess with his min... - Onmind - Quotes Donut
 In the lonely night when our memories are tormented
When the wind caresses your ... - Simra Naaz - Quotes Donut
 Who knows what we go through until
We let you in to our
An then you blew i... - On mind - Quotes Donut
 Even the moon is nothing without stars.... - Nirmohi - Quotes Donut
 The sky will not always give you the moon 🌚... - Ayush Gond - Quotes Donut