Death Quotes
 Death, a necessary end, will come when it will come... - William Shakespeare - Quotes Donut
 Danny could see it in their faces when they shook Steve’s hand—they’d have prefe... - Dennis Lehane - Quotes Donut
 To die for one's country is such a worthy fate that all compete for so beaut... - Pierre Corneille - Quotes Donut
 This is what I feared would come; this is what I have dreaded. It is not very br... - Philippa Gregory - Quotes Donut
 I would lying if I said I would laugh in the face of death.... - Mitch Albom - Quotes Donut
 The glories of our blood and state, Are shadows, not substantial things; There i... - James Shirley - Quotes Donut
 The way you remember or dream about your loved ones - the ones who are gone - yo... - John Irving - Quotes Donut
 Integrity of life is fame's best friend, which nobly, beyond death, shall cr... - John Webster - Quotes Donut
 I am afraid of death, scared by it. I already don't know whether I exist or ... - Stephen Rea - Quotes Donut