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 As we are celebrating woman' day so shall we provide a platform for every woman ... - _Basetsana - Quotes Donut
 Never allow people to treat you like junk and destroy your inner beauty.... - _Basetsana - Quotes Donut
 I adorn myself with the commands of my father so that I may be honored by him. S... - _Basetsana - Quotes Donut
 The silent killer that feeds on your soul. It's now your best friend.... - _Basetsana - Quotes Donut
 One way to break poverty is through education. It's the fundamental ingredient t... - _Basetsana - Quotes Donut
 Life is too short so feed yourself with happiness and peace.... - _Basetsana - Quotes Donut
 Always abstain yourself from people who have an invariably a symptom of neurotic... - _Basetsana - Quotes Donut
 Love is  inessential to those who want to die young.... - _Basetsana - Quotes Donut