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 Truth is the spirit of the moment which living through the moments. Faith is the... - Tribalosophy - Quotes Donut
 Ambition melts in the eyes of him
who values life more!
Life for more!
Life of m... - Ekta K. Kalra - Quotes Donut
 Care for the roof,
Care for the floor,
But less than your life!... - Akta Karanvirsingh Kalra - Quotes Donut
 “To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don't grab h... - Alan Watts - Quotes Donut
 I always find myself saying "maybe if I didn't come today" everyday and its gett... - Aliana redwan - Quotes Donut
 I hid my tears behind my smile. Now my smile can't hide the tears.... - Diljot Gill - Quotes Donut
 Kabhi kabhi atta hain aur a kar jane ki baat karta hain 

Yeh kaisa mehboob hain... - Md Nayeem Ansari - Quotes Donut
 Life is about being happy, not about making others happy.... - Justine Promesse - Quotes Donut
 Two of my bestfriends fought.Somehow,I lost... - Yash - Quotes Donut
 People deserve your whole heart,  If you can’t give them that, it’s better they ... - Simran - Quotes Donut
 she's a magic kind of soul~... - Sathiya shree - Quotes Donut
 A respectable man always try to give the best performance in any situation. Beca... - Sushma kumari - Quotes Donut
 World will be small, when your dream is big. 
Difficulties will be toy, when you... - Sushma kumari - Quotes Donut
 Bonus is offered only to the athlete who uses his intellect briskly to defend hi... - Sabeena azeem. - Quotes Donut
 Sometimes writing is the only way to bring out ones emotions 😔... - Maddykay - Quotes Donut
 Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and appreciate who you are ,who you will... - Maddykay - Quotes Donut
 I lost myself making others happy. 
Forgot about my contentment. 
Now I need hap... - Diljot Gill - Quotes Donut
 When no one like, don't weep. 
Accept yourself whatever you . 
Move on to your d... - Sushma kumari - Quotes Donut
 Altruism is just an almanac of amateur who is ambivalent.... - Sabeena azeem. - Quotes Donut
 Your encounters should encourage you either to be a clay or sand. Dust off the u... - Sabeena azeem. - Quotes Donut