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 Missing friends is hardly bad.... - Jenifer Y - Quotes Donut
Shaqsiyat ye nahin ke laakhon me pukaara jaaon 
Shaqsi... - Mohd Masood Ali - Quotes Donut
 Sapna apna tab hota , jab insaan sitare ki chamak ko , din ka ujala smajta h.... - Kiran~Yadav - Quotes Donut
 Before pleasing others, please yourself first... - Shravasti Kuchekar - Quotes Donut
 People just come and go.
The best will go,
The worst will stay.... - emalyn magtoto - Quotes Donut
 St. Thomas is as practical and plain and reasonable in ethics as Aristotle, or C... - Peter Kreeft - Quotes Donut
 Don't wait for the opportunity
Just try hard to get the opportunity 😉... - Susi - Quotes Donut
 My desk, most loyal friend thank you. You've been with me on every road I&#3... - Marina Tsvetaeva - Quotes Donut
 You can educate yourself right out of a relationship with God.... - Tammy Faye Bakker - Quotes Donut
 Shouldn’t children be taught critical, sceptical thinking from an early age? Sho... - Richard Dawkins - Quotes Donut
 It’s just too bad they have to die. They’re totally bangable, you know?” “Bangab... - Libba Bray - Quotes Donut
 The most powerful thing about time is that ,
It changes.
Never Give up... - Raj - Quotes Donut
 If we don't like what the Republicans do, we need to get in there and change... - Medgar Evers - Quotes Donut
 Literary Teas are constantly in a state of flux. The uninitiated gravitates towa... - Mark Kurlansky - Quotes Donut
 I don't watch my movies. I just get too critical of myself.... - John Candy - Quotes Donut
 This was her life. Not the life she had once dreamed of, not a life her younger ... - Kim Edwards - Quotes Donut
 What does the sign say?” “ ‘If you lived here, you’d be home now.’ ” She clenche... - Susanna Kaysen - Quotes Donut
 They say I live a fast life. Maybe I just like a fast life. I wouldn't give ... - Dennis Wilson - Quotes Donut
 The people of South and Central Texas and the Coastal Bend need jobs, they need ... - Ruben Hinojosa - Quotes Donut
 I haven't had the time to say, 'I'm retiring.' But baseball says... - Rickey Henderson - Quotes Donut