Opportunity Quotes
 I'll run away from home and come back with fortunes so goes the thoughts of the ... - Prezigha Fafi - Quotes Donut
 Quick come the cash, quick go the cash.... - Prezigha Fafi - Quotes Donut
 Just as we never stopped learning how to walk as a child. So should we never sto... - Prezigha Fafi - Quotes Donut
 "Advantage ends where it started, when there is no responsibility".... - Aniedi Victor D. - Quotes Donut
 You can be lost but found in a world where
This is like. Many things. No who eve... - Mwire959 - Quotes Donut
 I looked in to this situation and got out of the fires burning in the mist of it... - Mwire959 - Quotes Donut
 So my next chapter is unknown as I walk around in the night. I see an all night ... - Mwire959 - Quotes Donut
 Then it all changed I drunk some water from the special river. And I was a guy a... - Mwire959 - Quotes Donut
 So this went on but it was no end until
I put postal in a machine and got into a... - Mwire959 - Quotes Donut