Nature Quotes
 Spend time with nature.  Nature is best healer it consume your stress and give P... - Lipsha - Quotes Donut
 He looked at the pictures on the wall and he took down her painting looked aroun... - Purrpeach - Quotes Donut
 The winds blew as he walked to his car it was over. But was he finish unleashing... - Purrpeach - Quotes Donut
 Oh went you walk to the car you know that your holiday is going to be right when... - WowWow - Quotes Donut
 Taking time to drive had the people looking at the car. But they didn't know it ... - Judge me not - Quotes Donut
 It's mind-blowing to observe that in the animal kingdom married couples don't se... - Frank Agyenim-Boateng - Quotes Donut
 The clock told but if the hands were moving don't shut the clock down. It needs ... - Just here - Quotes Donut
 The rules are not in the cards when you try to deal a hand. And it doesn't go yo... - Onmind - Quotes Donut
 If one day you find in the road a mystery which is so strange you never find the... - Onmind - Quotes Donut