Humour Quotes
 Don't come in my house if you smell like feet
Don't touch my food this my plate ... - Isis - Quotes Donut
 Nothing wey Zinoleesky mama never tell am!... - Prezi Tv - Quotes Donut
 Imagine Peter Obi as the president and you tell him snake swallowed 36 million n... - Prezi Tv - Quotes Donut
 Instead of buying pad every month... Why not get pregnant and rest for nine mont... - Prezi Tv - Quotes Donut
 The man the police gave Ten million dollars to deliver to Kidnapers as Ransome m... - Prezigha Fafi - Quotes Donut
 To a bussines man capitalism is good untill he gets a rival... - Prezigha Fafi - Quotes Donut
 The police once saw marijuana in my trunk I told them is for health reasons. The... - Prezigha Fafi - Quotes Donut
 Knock knock, who's there, it's me , it's you who , it's me who ready to whoop yo... - Prezigha Fafi - Quotes Donut
 The mosquito who has fed well, when flying thinks humans are clapping for him as... - Prezigha Fafi - Quotes Donut